Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello Everybody From Welcome Wednesday!

I did this last Wednesday and really really enjoyed it...Everyone's comments really made my day much brighter! I have a Healthy Choice Give-a-Way going on right now and I invite you to enter!!! It's really easy! Just go here to enter, or you can find it on my 1st page of my blog! Free Healthy Choice items, who doesn't love that! So stay awhile and see what freebies you can fill your mailbox with or come back and visit later... Either way, Thank you for visiting...Jennifer Kiddos and Coupons


  1. I'm a Welcome Wednesday follower.

  2. New follower from WW. I find myself using more coupons too... I'm excited to read all your tips and tricks! Stop by some time and say hi!

  3. I'm your newest follower. Please follow me back at


    <3 Jess

  4. I just left my job last month as a CVS manager. I loved seeing the deals people got and then trying (thats the key word) the deal out for myself. New follower from WW

  5. Following you from Welcome Wednesday! Hope you can follow me back! :)

  6. Thanks for following me and entering my giveaway, I'm a new follower of yours, too!
    Have a great day, can't wait to see some more coupon tips, because who doesn't like coupons and discounts, right?

  7. Hello, I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday! I love your blog! Can't wait to read more of your tips! I hope that you check out my blog(s) as well and follow me! Thanks and have a great day!