Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BirthDay Memories + Sweet Tomatoes Giveaway on MommaDJane

I'm posting about my favorite Birthday memory to be entered in a contest to win $250 worth of Sweet Tomatoes food from MommaDJane! Check out Sweet Tomatoes HERE and check out the Giveaway on MommaDJane HERE!
I'd have to say the one thing I remember is when I was turning 13(I think) I had a bedroom on the 3rd floor of my Dads house. It was back when doing that Bloody Mary thing in front of the mirror was popular...Well anyways, my friends and I were all up in my room with the lights out playing that game...My Dad knew what we were doing (after he has asked us not to be playing that game because we would all be too scared to sleep)and disconnected the lights at the breaker box...Well one of my friends said she seen something in the mirror so we ran to the light switch to turn on the lights and they didn't work!!! LOL....We ran around screaming and bumping into each other till someone finally opened the door...I think it was my brother...And needless to say, I NEVER played that game again!!! Thank you for the chance to enter (:

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  1. HAHA! That's too funny- sounds like your dad was a prankster. I bet that was a lot of fun after you were done being scared to death!! :)